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Our mission is to provide the highest quality logistics services while achieving 100% customer satisfaction. The foundation of our success is our dedication to detail, and to finding new and innovative solutions to our clients’ many diverse requirements. We continuously seek to develop new growth opportunities benefiting our clients’ international trade. We strive to achieve our goals in a team environment with commitment to continued improvement of external and internal communication. Capitalizing on our strengths of unique knowledge, depth of experience, global presence and unparalleled resources, we are confident what we offer is exactly what our customers need. It is not only who we are, but what we know...and sharing this knowledge within the trade community offers our customers invaluable resources to their business. We are committed and active in industry-related committees and associations. Our valued staff, with years of experience and knowledge in logistics industry, is dedicated to achieving excellence and integrity by strictly adhering to agency policies, directives, processes and procedures in a very competitive world.


Steve S Demirjian/President